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We have a long tradition in offset productions of medium and long runs, guaranteeing delivery times and ensuring the quality of printing through a previous process of file adaptation and pre-printing.

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Known as the indirect printing technique, offset printing is inspired by the lithography or “stone writing” system of ancient times, with some differences. In this technique, the principle of repellency of greasy inks on water is used, so that, applied correctly, it is possible to define which areas of the support acquire ink by moistening those that should not acquire it.

As the final ink transmission goes from a rubber cylinder to the final support, being this cylinder flexible, ink can completely print rough surfaces, which allows to produce runs with very high detail and reproduce exact images on paper and cardboard.

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Offset printing projects require a significant preparation phase, since putting the machines into operation is an expensive process. First of all, the pre-press crew establishes the criteria to be followed to produce the files in such a way that all the printing standards that such production requires are met.

This type of printing is the perfect alternative for long-run productions that require daily deliveries such as the press or other information media. It is also a very recurrent method for printing internal stationery materials of companies which look for displaying a high-detailed brand recognition.

At Open Print, we set at your disposal a professional team in offset printing to give life to your projects with the best service and at the best price. We have facilities in Barcelona where you can carry out your productions developed with technology from brands such as Mitsubishi, Konica Minolta or Heidelberg. Tell us about your project and we will make it come true.

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Like our digital printing service, offset printing with Open Print also offers various types of binding as an added service to printing, in order to achieve the final result you are looking for.

We offer binding for offset printing with staple, by singer stitching or milling with hard or soft cover. In addition, we are always open to special requests that we will be delighted to attend to, all with the objective of helping you get the product you desire.

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Offset printing allows to manufacture a series of finishes that are not possible in digital printing.

Would you like to stamp a mark in gold or silver inks on your prints? With offset printing it is possible.

Ask our experts and we will advise you on how to develop your offset printing project in the best way.

Ejemplos: Corporate communication, Product catalogues and magazines, Print advertising, Notebooks and / or agendas, Artistic presentations.

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  • Allows Pantone reproduction, digital printing only works in CMYK.
  • Exactly reproduces images from files.
  • Allows to produce large quantities, reducing costs per unit.
  • Offers a very wide range of papers and derivatives.
  • Print on heavyweight papers.
  • Special inks such as gold and silver or varnishes can be applied.

Open Print - Impresion Offset - Pocas UnidadesOffset printing does not allow for fast or low-unit printing. For this type of production, we recommend digital printing.


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At Open Print we have a long tradition developing offset printing projects for large international firms. Every year we carry out offset printing and daily distribution of thousands of press copies for all those who are attending large city fairs throughout Spain, ensuring the correct delivery of the production at different points at the same time at a specific time.

Besides, we have made large productions of business communication for renowned international brands, printing thousands of units of notebooks, magazines or catalogs with perfect quality.

If you have an offset printing need, we will advise you without compromise.

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Request a personalized quote and keep on mind that we send your order to any part of the world.

We only need a few contact details and some information about your project. Our Customer Service team will contact you as soon as possible.

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