What are the most commonly used paper formats for printing?

formatos de papel

Choosing the right paper formats is essential when taking it to a digital printing company because choosing the proper paper size will make the final result of your project perfect.

Therefore, in today’s article, you will learn with Open Print, specialists in graphic printing, to distinguish between sheet sizes and you will learn about their most common uses.

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List of the most common types of paper formats

Before entering fully into the matter, you should know that the classification of paper formats was established by the ISO 216 standard, which sets global dimensions for DIN formats (Indication of the standard format of sheets of paper that indicates that the sides are in a 1: √2 ratio).

While in Europe they use this regulation, in other countries such as the United States they use the US Letter, a format with influence in some Latin countries.

However, the preference for DIN-A is on the rise, creating a coordinated unification around the world.

Now, with this clarified, let’s move on to the explanation of paper formats, their official measurements, and their use in print.

A0 size

A0 can be considered the parent format, it is the largest of all and from here the other variants arise. By dividing the A0 size into two equal parts we will have A1 as a result. DIN A0 measurements are 841 x 1189 mm.

DIN A0 format uses in printing

Due to the enormous dimensions of the A0, its use falls exclusively on professional graphic design centers and copy shops, it is rarely chosen for the production of advertising posters.

tamaño ao

A1 size

The next size of the sheet is the A1, although it represents half of the A0. it is given greater use in graphic terms. DIN A1 measurements are 594 x 841mm.

DIN A1 format uses in printing

This format is used in graphic centers to print posters billboards, banners, cartographies, and even for technical design tasks.

tamaño a1

A2 size

The A2 format is the exact two-part division of A1. In addition, it has more uses for its good versatility even in business scenarios serving as a blackboard sheet. DIN A2 measurements are 420 x 594 mm.

DIN A2 format uses in printing

Among the most common A2 jobs we have the graphic design sector, as well as the elaboration of diagrams, advertising posters, large calendars, posters, and photo printing.

tamaño a2

A3 size

The A3 format, like the A4 size, is one of the most common and used, it is so standardized that we have the possibility of printing it from home or the office. The measurements in DIN A3 format are 297 x 420 mm.

DIN A3 format uses in printing

With the A3 size, we can print all kinds of resources such as drawings, diplomas, posters, photographs, magazines, scores, among other elements. Now in the advertising branch, it is the favorite for 6-part brochures and conventional maps.

tamaño a3

A4 size

The A4 format is undoubtedly the most common of all, at some point in your life you will have come across this type of format because it is the most suitable for various daily and even professional tasks. The measurements of the DIN A4 format are 210 x 297 mm.

DIN A4 format uses in printing

The A4 size has too many uses in printing such as magazines, catalogs, children’s books or encyclopedias, brochures, triptychs, even general documentation, etc.

tamaño a4

A5 size

We continue with a highly demanded format for certain tasks, the A5, unlike the A4, has more compact dimensions making it a quite comfortable alternative for the transfer of printed objects. The measurements in DIN A5 format are 148 x 210 mm.

DIN A5 format uses in printing

The A5 size is perfect for printing notebooks, notepads, advertising brochures and magazines.

tamaño a5

A6 size

The A6 is a format used in specific impressions both at the brand and personal issues thanks to its low proportion. The measurements in DIN A6 format are 105 x 148mm.

DIN A6 format uses in printing

Among the uses in A6 size printing we can highlight the printing of pocketbooks, business or greeting cards, postcards, brochures, diaries.

tamaño a6

A7 size

The A7 format is one of the smallest formats in this list, however, it has a number of practical uses. The measurements of the DIN A7 format are 74 x 105 mm.

DIN A7 format uses in printing

Among the uses in the printing of the A7 we have business cards, brochures and pocket calendars.

tamaño a7

A8 size

And we end with the last format of this post, the A8, which has a utility designed for a face-to-face topic or some particular activity. The measurements of the DIN A8 format are 52 x 74 mm.

DIN A8 format uses in printing

In the printing press, the A8 can be used to get personalized cards of any type and even stickers or labels.

tamaño a8


You already know the 8 most used sheet sizes in the world of digital printing! Now you can choose the one that best suits the needs of your brand or company project.

However, you are free to experiment, so if you plan to play with the different dimensions a bit, do it without fear.

So contact us and we will answer all your questions about what size or paper format to select. In addition, you can also visit our online printing store to see all the products mentioned above.

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