What is an advertising billboard and what are the advantages of using it for your brand?

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Always present in several places being impossible to ignore them, presenting different products and services of a brand in a creative and effective way. However, we still don’t know exactly what an advertising billboard is, and we even confuse it with other advertising media.

Nowadays, advertising is vital for all companies, it is essential to have a large print media to increase the visibility of our value proposition.

In this article, we’ll learn about the benefits of billboards, how they can help us, and where we can place them to make the best impact on the target audience.

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What is a billboard?

A billboard, also known as a billboard, is a structure used in outdoor advertising on which advertisements with a product or service are placed.

These billboards are distinguished from other advertising elements by their large dimensions and highly creative designs, allowing the message to be conveyed to as many people as possible.

It is one of the media most used and offered by online printers, being able to appreciate various types of advertisements or advertising messages in both urban and interurban landscapes.

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What are billboards for?

They are ideal to promote a product or service, as well as to increase the visibility of a brand.
However, they can also be used to advertise an event, a celebration, or simply for information purposes.

The message printed on a billboard must be capable of being transmitted quickly, so striking images capable of capturing the audience’s attention are often used, accompanied by plain text that is quick to read.

What materials can be used to make billboards?

There are a wide variety of materials that can be used to create billboards, although the format to be used will depend on the investment and times of the advertising campaign:

  • Advertising banners (most recommended material)
  • Printed paper
  • Digital screens
  • Fabric
  • Custom vynils
  • Although there are other materials to create outdoor billboards, these are recommended for constant use.
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  Billboard material

Where are billboards placed?

Depending on the laws and regulations to be complied with in each locality, the areas in which it is permitted to place billboards vary.

In addition, there are also state regulations related to the installation of fences in certain environments.
Due to the main characteristics of billboards, they are placed in places such as:

  • Squares, parks, wide avenues, gardens, and other public places.
  • Colleges, universities, institutes, and educational centers.
  • Stadiums, swimming pools, sports facilities, and other sports facilities.
  • Airports, train stations, metro stations, bus stops.

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What are the main advantages of using a billboard?

It is increasingly common to use online advertising elements as a means of communication between the brand and its target audience.

However, betting on a traditional large format print advertising medium such as billboards can be a good alternative depending on the type of business and the sector in which our company operates.

Let’s see the advantages of using this class of fences:

1. You can choose the installation location depending on your target audience

Being able to decide where to place the billboard guarantees you convey the message to the target audience that may have a real interest in your products, achieving a better impact according to their interests.

For example, you’re a sports shop and you’ve launched a new collection of winter jackets, so you decide to place a fence at a sports facility, whether it’s a stadium, a swimming pool, or a sports center.

2. Always active advertising

The fences will always be in the same place 7 days a week, 24 hours a day working constantly without the need for supervision or maintenance. For this reason, it is considered active advertising, since it will serve its purpose until it is withdrawn.

3. Affordable price

The number of people that a billboard reaches makes its price ultimately profitable, even when you don’t define a specific place to install it you guarantee that the message reaches a wide audience, managing to properly promote your brand and your products.

Additionally, you can reach a segment of the population that you didn’t even think was part of your potential clients.

4. Instant effect

Once the fence is installed at the selected location, the information will be displayed without waiting for another advertisement to end, for the lights to be turned on to be able to appreciate it, or for the time of day to start broadcasting.

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