What type of advertising banner to use to give your company greater visibility?

tipos de lonas publicitarias

Are you thinking about your next launch and you plan to use banners as a support but you don’t know what type of advertising banners to choose? There are many different materials, formats, and accessories that adapt to the needs of each one. Are you looking for a good resistance? A good value for money or maximum quality?

Don’t worry, Open Print, specialists in graphic printing, is here to help you. If you want to know what types of advertising banners exist and which is the most ideal for promoting your product, company, or event, don’t miss out on this magnificent article.

5 best types of advertising banners for your business

Custom printed banners are a star advertising medium due to their countless advantages and multiple uses. That is why in the market there are a large number of types to choose from.

Open Print’s large-format printing service offers you five types, depending on the objective and place chosen for the advertising campaign.

Our online advertising banners offer the best quality on the market and great resistance and durability to ensure the success of your campaigns at a competitive price.

1. PVC banner – Frontlit

PVC banners are the most sought-after option as they offer very competitive prices for tight marketing budgets.

This type of format is one of the most common for all types of companies since it can be installed both indoors and outdoors.

These supports are made of polyvinyl chloride, known as PVC, which consists of a highly versatile thermoplastic polymer when fused with other additives, creating optimum resistance.

These types of canvases offer a 510-gram matte finish. Its most characteristic applications are indoor advertising and outdoor advertising, thanks to its great resistance and durability.

lona pvc frontlit

2. Backlit banner – Backlight

The backlit banner is designed to let light through without losing the quality of the printed image, which makes it the best option for lightboxes that impact the image and generate an even greater visual effect at night. The backlight format is the ideal material for shop window advertising.

They are long-lasting, economical, and ecological advertising media. The use of backlit fabric banners represents an economical option for different businesses that want to advertise. Investing in this type of format is an excellent marketing strategy to attract potential customers to your business.

3. Double-sided banner – Blockout

Do you want your message to attract all possible looks? With printing on a three-layer material, the double-sided advertising banners are perfect for hanging advertising such as outdoor banners that ensure the display of an advertising message on both the front and the back. These ultra-resistant tarps are formed from a 510 gram opaque PVC material with great image quality.

Double-sided canvases are undoubtedly the best option to promote your business or product thanks to the maximum visibility they offer. These are high-quality canvases that provide excellent printing results, offer great resistance and durability with respect to external agents, and are fully customizable, so you can create endless combinations.

lona do

4. Micro-perforated banners – Mesh

The mesh banner print is made of polyester fibers, a material with great strength and endurance. It is a material that supports water without suffering wear, high and low temperatures, and even prolonged exposure to the sun. The inks which are used dry instantly; they are odorless and do not stain, respectful to the maximum with the environment.

This canvas is made of small perforations that allow air to circulate through the material, which is very useful for exterior facade applications where atmospheric agents are adverse.

It is a very resistant type of canvas, printed on both sides with ultraviolet technology and specially designed for places with wide visibility. It is an interesting formula to hit from great distances. It is usually used in large events such as fairs or congresses, in political or advertising campaigns, and installed in large crowded areas.

lona microperforada mesh

5. Ecological banners – Ecoprint

Open Print eco banners are made of PVC-free materials. It is composed of 220-gram Polyester and offers an appearance and resistance similar to that of PVC. Undoubtedly the best choice for campaigns that require environmental approval.

Materials that easily degrade and are reusable are used for their manufacture. Meanwhile, for printing, it can be limited to the use of materials that do not produce toxic emissions (VOC, very common in plastic and chemical compounds).

They are also tarps that have protection to resist exposure to environmental compounds (such as UV rays). That is why it is a long-lasting format and they can stay for a good amount of time without degrading or breaking.

 lona ecológica ecoprint

Choose between different options of advertising banners depending on the application you want to give it. Now, in our online store, you can buy all five types of advertising banners and customize them with your best design. Add accessories you need, such as our polycarbonate grommets, silicone weather-stripping for placement on metal frames, or velcro tape on the edges to attach to flat surfaces.

What are the main advantages of using advertising banners?

Advertising banners are one of the most widely used large-format supports, especially outdoors. They are an element that offers great visibility and at an affordable price for all pockets. So its profitability is very high. Next, we leave you with a series of advantages that you will obtain when buying your advertising canvases.

lonas publicitarias personalizadas


With our printing services, you can capture on your canvas any design you want, achieving a perfect quality of color, sharpness, and brightness in all the digital prints of your designs.


Thanks to their manufacturing properties, the materials of our custom canvases have great resistance to weathering, which will ensure that the canvas will remain in perfect condition for a long time.


As it is customizable support, you can use the advertising banners to advertise in a large number of places and events, from pavilions to exhibitions and much more.


This type of printing is characterized by being one of the cheapest on the market and offering the longest duration. For this reason, digital printing of customizable canvases is becoming more popular every day compared to other types of media.


As you have seen, thanks to its large number of possible applications and its advantages, this type of flexible large format support is one of the best choices for advertising your company.

Don’t waste any more time! Enter our online printing store and start designing your advertising banners in a few simple steps. If you still have doubts about which type to choose, get in touch with us and our best experts will advise you throughout the process. You will get the best possible results.



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