Brochure holder, what type of brochure exhibitors to choose for your project?

Tipos de portafolletos

The use of advertising, promotional or information leaflets continues to be one of the most effective advertising methods. However, it is not just a matter of having a pile of brochures on the table, our corporate image would be affected by the disorder, so we must have a brochure holder.

These brochure displays will help us to highlight our brochures, give an organized look to our exhibition area, and at the same time attract people’s attention.

It is therefore essential that we choose those that best suit our needs.

Let’s see what we need to consider before selecting a brochure exhibitor for our project.

What is a brochure holder and what is it for?

A brochure holder is a container specially designed to display catalogs and brochures at points of sale such as shops, events or fairs, shopping malls, and universities, among others. At the same time, it contributes to the promotion of offers, items, services, and discounts in an organized way.

These PLV displays are ideal to give visibility to the brand or a specific product at a transit point and within reach of potential customers effectively.

Tipos de portafolletos

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What are the most common brochure holder types of?

Open Print has different types of brochure holders for any situation, in materials such as Methacrylate, Forex, Foam, Bee Panel, Abiplex, Petg PS, Micro Cardboard, Metal or Wood further expanding the range of options of these advertising media.

Depending on the material, size, and shape, the characteristics change, the most used are:

1. Carrydesk brochures

Desktop brochure holders are usually located at the counter of a point of sale, so they are a great choice if you are looking to offer more specific information, being a good alternative and quite attractive for Din-A5 or Din-A6 brochures.

It is possible to make them in micro cardboard, PVC forex, foam, and methacrylate, among other materials, with bright or neutral colors that can easily adapt to the brand image you want to transmit.

Portafolletos de sobremesa

2. Carry standing brochures

There is no more flexible brochure display with larger applications for displaying and dispensing letters, brochures, restaurant menus, relevant information, and catalogues such as the standing brochure holder.

There are extremely interesting models with built-in wheels to make it easier to move them and to be able to move them to a new location without much effort, models that can be folded to reduce their size, becoming a highly portable alternative that can be used almost anywhere.

There are even stand-up brochure holder options such as models with the Combi system, allowing you to combine a variety of portfolios and brochures in a single display.

Portafolletos de pie

3. Carry wall brochures

Wall brochure holders are perfect for distributing and displaying brochures of different sizes on doors and walls.

In fact, these advertising displays are easy to install and have perforations to place them by means of screws or suction cups that guarantee a solid hold on the surface of your choice.

Portafolletos de pared

4. Brochure holder totem

Whether it is a table tent or a brochure holder totem, it can be used both outdoors and indoors, and can be manufactured with a maximum height of 6 meters.

The design of the brochure holder totems is created to be installed exclusively vertically so that its walls are 2, 3, or 4 sides with unique content on those sides.

Banner expositores PLV

What do you need to know when you order a brochure holder?

It’s not mandatory to buy the first brochure holder that you see on the Internet without thinking first about the expositor’s use and where you want to place it.


the brochure holder use is very important, depending on the event needs, it would be better to use one lighter material, one with a more reduced size or specific kind of expositor

To use the convenient brochure holder will make that promotion and you organize the best way the brochures, products or services that you want to advertise, putting the focus on the enterprise image thanks to armonius order and good looking designs of exhibitors

On the other hand, it’s already important to use the right brochure holder depending on the information that you want to transmit. A brochure that can easily cover all the content you want to show, may with advertising brochures, catalogs, or promotional flyers.

It is essential to have flyers perfectly suited to the type, whether standing, cardboard, desk, or other brochure display you want to use.


Suppose you are going to use a brochure holder at an event, or at a trade fair or you plan to place it at the point of sale of your business. In that case, you will need to think about the characteristics of the brochure holder to achieve a good impact on potential customers.

In addition, you will need to study the characteristics of each type of brochure holder to find the one that best suits your needs, although the versatility of these brochure displays makes the search much easier.

Outdoors or indoors

Although there are many alternatives when choosing this type of advertising medium, be it a cardboard brochure holder, stand or desktop brochure holder , it is essential to choose a sturdy model if we are going to use it outdoors or a smaller one if we want to place it on a table at the point of sale.

Another aspect to consider would be the portability, height, and the materials with which the display is made.


Some brochure displays are really resistant, being a structure for displays of excellent durability and able to withstand long days without being affected

On the other hand, there are materials that offer a more vivid and eye-catching range of colors, ideal for point-of-sale advertising your strategies, allowing you to create designs with better finishes that will particularly attract attention in the exhibition area.


Implementing a good quality one, with an attractive design and enough capacity to hold all the brochures, catalogues and other promotional content of our brand will help us stand out from the competition, while improving the image of the company and keeping all the space organized.

These advertising displays have been able to stand firm despite the technological advances in advertising thanks to their high usefulness, flexibility, easy installation, excellent finishes and affordable prices.

Did you already know the types of portfolios and their various applications?

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, you can take a look at our online printing shop or you can also contact our graphic print specialists to answer your questions and we can create the perfect one for your brand.

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