What is a Mupi and how can it maximize the sales of my business?


With complete confidence I can say that you will have seen a minimum Mupi once in your life and surely most people more than one a day. Don’t you know what a Mupi is? They are the advertising supports that are installed in elements of urban furniture, commonly known as canopies.mupis publicidad

If you want to discover more about these outdoor advertising elements, we encourage you to continue reading this article, where you will learn all their characteristics, what types exist and how you can benefit from them to increase the sales of your company.

What is a Mupi and what is this billboard for?

The word Mupi is an acronym for the French expression Mobilier Urbain pour l’información, or in English, Urban furniture for information. It is a type of outdoor advertising poster that is usually found in the busiest areas of most cities, such as at a bus stop or in the middle of a passageway on the sidewalk.

The traditional one has a printed advertising poster with standard dimensions of 120×175 cm, which covers the entire support. To ensure maximum visibility, they usually have two faces available to show two different campaigns or the same one, if desired. Currently, as we are in the era of digitization, many of these Mupis have become digital elements with LED screens and can be viewed in thousands of formats and sizes.

These posters are always accompanied by a structure that protects them from environmental agents since they are outdoors throughout the whole year. This structure can be made up of glass, a metal frame, lighting of any kind and can even include some type of motor that interchanges the different posters.

For companies they are very beneficial advertising media, since being located in places where people wait for the bus or next to a bank, it is almost inevitable that they will notice the ad. Today, the most important companies continue to use them, so what are you waiting for? .

What types of advertising Mupis are there?

As we have said, times change and the advertising Mupis have evolved into different forms and incorporating a series of accessories that can increase, to a certain extent, their visibility. Here we leave you with the four most common types of Mupis:mupis digitales

Simple Mupi

They are the exterior support par excellence. Simple, traditional and very common but with a very high degree of visibility and efficiency.

Rotary Mupi

In this case, within the structure of the Mupi, there are two or more advertising posters. Its function is to exchange advertising campaigns to make the most of the location in which it is located.

Mupi watch

Today, there are many types of it that already incorporate accessories, such as a clock, the current temperature, or the date. These elements increase the looks of the people since they are very necessary data in our day to day.

Digital Mupi

Finally, we will have the digital Mupis. They are increasingly used. The advantage provided by this type of advertising media is the possibility of incorporating audio or videos in advertising campaigns.

What are the uses of these advertising billboards?

If you are thinking of using them as an advertising element, as a company or business, you should know the different functions or uses that can be given to them:

1. Outdoor advertising

The most used function for companies that want to promote or advertise a new product or service.mupis led

2. Public information point

They can also be used for public entities, such as municipalities, to provide their population with the information they deem necessary.

3. Points of sale

Although it is a support used mainly outdoors, many shops already incorporate Mupis inside.que es mupi

What is the difference between advertising media mupis and opis?

Currently, there is also advertising media called Opis. Both pursue the same objective, to attract the maximum glances of the people who pass by. But, what is the difference between a Mupi and an Opi?

Well, the great dissimilarity is that the Opis are illuminated advertising objects such as the illuminated signs, so it must have some lighting element that highlights its content at night or in darker areas. Furthermore, it is not related to any structure, as in the case of the Mupis, but its installation is independent.lona retroiluminada backlight


As you have seen, the Mupis are elements that provide only advantages to the companies that bet on them and there is a great variety to suit the needs of each one.

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