Fluidra: how did they manage to present their products sustainably and effectively?


Are you looking to present your brand’s products in a sustainable way? If so, you need to see how this company has done with our online graphic printing press.

Today we learned about the Fluidra case where we had the opportunity to participate in the creation of corners to showcase the products of their company, following their values as a brand.

Get to know the Fluidra brand

Fluidra is a global leader dedicated to the pool and wellness sector and offers innovative services and products to the residential and commercial pool market on a global scale.

The mission of this company is very clear: to create the perfect pool and wellness experience in a responsible and sustainable way with the environment, society, and governance.

How has OpenPrint helped Fluidra with its Retail project?

Fluidra is the last protagonist of our Retail projects in Spain. In this case, they relied on our graphic printing specialists for the realization of their proposal in several of their warehouses.

In them, a series of elements were established that combined with each other could create, depending on the space, several corners. This way, you can present your pool and wellness products in a more effective way.

The leading firm in the swimming pool industry has transformed some of its corners into different locations in Spain to be able to offer a better experience to its clients, where they can enjoy innovations that are increasingly sustainable within the environment, adapting to the safety and hygiene protocols currently in force.

These are the mockups, graphics, and digital edits that were created for Fluidra:

Mockup para fluidra

Thanks to these models, we were able to simulate the design result of your Retail Project before fully developing it. In this way, it is checked that the elements and the design will fit into the media on which it is to be played.

Diseño corner de productos

In this particular project, as you can see, several corners were made to exhibit their products.

As we have done before, the products that have been developed for Fluidra are completely sustainable and environmentally friendly:

1. Podiums and pallet covers

The podiums and covers pallets are composed of 1.5mm microchannel. (M1)

These have been adapted to the customer’s needs, as they can be reused for different products or promotions that the customer wants to exhibit.

With this material you get faster work in the production process, but with an exceptional result. Being large format rigid materials, they are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use and have long durability.

It is a very versatile and lightweight product that facilitates its transport and placement.

Pódium expositor

2. Panels

On the other hand, the panels, as you can see, contain the information that the client wants to expose. Panel or honeycomb cardboard of 1. 9mm.

With a structure similar to the beehive, it also offers multiple applications in the field of packaging, decoration, and advertising media, available in different colors and sizes.

Like Abiplex, it is recyclable, PVC-free, and environmentally sustainable.

Display ecológico

3. Vinyl

The ECO vinyl carpets that we found are totally free of PVC and eco-friendly.

Made in a single model of 100 x 250 cm, we can see that they are fully combinable between them so that the space can be designed in the way that each of the stores needs.

It is a product widely used in terms of communication, as it is used as visual branding, promotion, and signage elements, even in events and fairs.

Sustainable digital printing on PVC-free vinyl offers the most environmentally friendly alternative to what was previously already used.

Expositores de productos


Open Print is currently carrying out several retail projects where we participate in them from minute zero, where the client exposes us to the needs he has, and we carry out the entire project, from the composition of products to the realization and printing of these.

We have professionals who will make every square meter have the desired brand concept and generate the atmosphere that the customer needs. Above all, transmitting the values of the brand.

For this reason, the collaboration between Fluidra and Open Print has been a success.  We hope to have more projects of this nature and with the success it has had.

If you are interested in carrying out your project with us, do not hesitate to contact OpenPrint for any questions or information you need.

Would you like to display your brand’s products in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way?

We look forward to hearing from you.

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