What are sustainable events and why are they important?

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In recent years, sustainable events have become one of the most popular practices among companies and organizations.  Civilization is increasingly aware of the importance of respect for the environment and the conviction that “sustainability is more expensive” is starting to lose.

If what you are looking for is to help maintain the environment and at the same time save money, at OpenPrint we can tell you how you can do it. In this article, we will tell you what sustainable events consist of, their advantages, characteristics, and how to organize them.

What are sustainable events?

A sustainable event is an event whose design, planning, and organization focus on reducing negative impacts on the environment in which it takes place. They meet a series of characteristics that manage to respect the environment and provide a positive social and economic impact to the host community.

The number of Corporate Social Responsibility policies are increasingly high, forcing companies to join the trend of sustainable events. But what most entities are unaware of is that this type of event brings them a series of benefits and advantages, such as being more competitive or a better corporate image, apart from economic improvements.

Why organize a sustainable event?

The organization of these types of events reduces the high consumption of resources in a short time. Water, energy, food and CO2 emissions are one of the many examples of resources consumed that can be reduced thanks to planning oriented towards environmental impact. Companies can benefit from the positive impact of celebrations where the protagonist is the environment.

Local establishments will also benefit and the community’s economy will be boosted since, in sustainable events, the regional or nearby product is promoted in order to reduce the waste generated during the transport of the goods or products used as much as possible.

What are the advantages of organizing a sustainable event?

As we have already mentioned, the application of sustainable practices in events brings a great series of advantages to both your company and the protagonist community and above all to the environment. From OpenPrint we want to make it clear to you the benefits that you will obtain and can give to third parties when organizing a sustainable event:

  • As its name indicates, a sustainable event has the initial advantage of reducing environmental impact and energy consumption compared to what a traditional event would generate.
  • For the company it means an improvement in its reputation and corporate image since in the eyes of the consumer it is a very positive element, today, to give importance to sustainability and promote it.
  • Your business can become more competitive than other competitors because offering services that respect the planet becomes an added advantage in most cases.
  • Organize an event taking into account aspects such as energy consumption, among others, manage to control and reduce costs so that we can become more efficient in our production processes. This would also mean a reduction in time.
  • An improvement in our company image or reputation can trigger an increase in our sales or profits.
  • Last but not least, these events generate a great positive impact on the host population. Economic benefits are obtained, since local suppliers, and products are prioritized, social benefits, because they promote accessibility, diversity and equal opportunities and environmental benefits, thanks to the promotion of the protection of the environment.

What characteristics should a sustainable event have?

There are many ways to organize a sustainable event and there are many tips to achieve the best results. At OpenPrint, we explain many ways to plan the event you are looking for:

Buy products in nearby markets

Choosing local suppliers will reduce your carbon footprint since importing products from afar implies a greater emission of waste.

Use reusable items

Avoid throwaway items. The best option is to use tableware that can be reused, not plastic. Another method consists of using biodegradable and FSC certified elements.

For the advertising, elements try to use more than one event to make the most of them.

what are sustainable events

Choose a place with easy access

Facilitate access for your attendees and reduce their carbon footprint by taking their transportation into account. Choose a place that is easily accessible, well connected, and with direct access to public transport.

Promote public transport

Encourage your participants to use public transport in the city or to share a vehicle to achieve the sustainability they seek.


Place recycling bins throughout the event to keep people from dumping waste on the floor.

Choose a good time of year

Holding the event in an open place, outdoors, will reduce energy consumption. It will not be necessary to use light or air conditioners. Natural light will do its job.

If it is not possible to make the event outside, choose LED lights, one of the greenest types of lighting.

How to organize a sustainable event with OpenPrint?

From OpenPrint we offer you a series of materials and tips that will make your event sustainable.

The first thing we advise you is that you use for more events and occasions, all those exhibitors or large format printings, digital printings and offset printings that you are going to need for your event. 

If you properly choose the material of your supports, they can last for months or even years. We recommend that you choose durable, resistant, and also environmentally friendly materials such as PVC-free products (eco banner)

For example, Dispa 3mm is a material that is made 100% with cellulose, so it is fully recyclable. It also has incredible printability, rigidity, and stability.

If you want more information and advice on the best way to carry out your event in a sustainable way, you just have to contact us and we will be happy to help you.

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