What types of advertising exist to publicize your business?

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What are the different types of advertising that exist? How can I correctly choose each of them to promote my business or brand? In this post, we are going to define each one of them that currently exist as well as how to apply them to your business to obtain great results from your investment.

Let’s start by mentioning that, today more than ever, advertising has become an essential tool for both companies and personal brands, both in physical and digital formats. Many brands question every day how they can get their products or services to their target audience, achieving differentiation from the competition or other similar brands.

But what are these types of advertising?

List of the different types of advertising to promote your brand

Next we are going to review the different types of advertising that are currently used and the elements that make up each of them:

1. Outdoor advertising

Outdoor advertising is a type of POS Advertising that takes advantage of people’s transit spaces both in cities and on transport routes to advertise products or services that are likely to be remembered by a person when they pass by.

Recently, this type of advertising has had a strong impact throughout the sports world due to the placement of large advertising banners with images of well-known figures from the professional football environment near the most well-known stadiums, becoming viral advertising actions.

What types of advertising elements make up outdoor advertising?

Advertising posters

Advertising posters are usually located in urban environments with high traffic in such a way that they advertise a product, service or event and try to be remembered by the users who pass by them.

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This type of advertising is located on exterior traffic routes such as highways, placing large structures so that all vehicles can see without problem, either the location of a business or a product that they may acquire in the future.

Illuminated signs

The illuminated signs are the perfect element to highlight a brand at night or indoor areas where visibility is shared with many other advertising messages.

lona retroiluminada backlight

Personalized vinyls

Printed custom vinyls are highly versatile elements, since, in addition to being able to be placed on walls, glass and floors, they allow the design to be cut to size, offering a great visual experience.

Advertising posters

The advertising posters are textile materials that can be printed with perfect photographic quality and are the perfect resource for concepts such as window dressing or product campaigns within a commercial space.

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The advertising mupis are the most common posters and billboard outdoor since it is a sign located on the metal frames of bus shelters and anyone has come across one at a certain time.

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que es la publicidad y tipos de publicidad

2. Print advertising

This type of advertising refers to the entire set of visual elements of a brand or entity, usually printed on physical paper supports. The most traditional method that companies have used to advertise in this format has always been the written press, but this type of space has evolved into a digital format, which has made companies have to adapt to new formats.

The most common examples of print advertising are:


The printed magazines are paper elements that usually contain a minimum of 28 pages where contents such as articles of interest are combined with advertising banners, with a usual A4 size paper format.


The printed catalogues are the physical representation of the commercial offer of a company by default, shown as presentations of products and/or services for the target audience.


Flyers are paper elements in a small format, commonly in A5 format, that show a product, event, or specific information with impressive designs and are delivered by hand to the target audience or distributed at transit points.


Triptychs are another representative format of the offer of products and services of a company, being a printed element in the form of three folded A4 sheets which provide an elegant presentation and allows documents to be transported inside.

3. Online advertising

The term online advertising refers to all those audiovisual advertising formats that companies generate to be displayed on digital devices with internet access, where computers and mobile phones predominate.

4. Television and radio advertising

This type of advertising consists of communicating a product, service or business idea in commercial spaces during the retransmission of content on television and radio, this system being the most used by companies in recent decades.

5. Telephone advertising

We have all received that direct call from a commercial manager offering us a promotional product or service over the phone. With this format, the potential user is contacted directly so that the possibilities of purchase increase.

6. Advertising Below the line

This new advertising format consists of generating creative ideas which are carried out in an unconventional way, combining visual resources to create a strong impact on the potential user. BTL advertising can be highly effective in terms of return on investment, but it requires a great effort to generate a disruptive and original strategy that sets itself apart from the rest.

que es la publicidad y tipos de publicidad

What type of advertising should I choose for my business?

When we want to carry out an advertising campaign and we have to choose the advertising formats that we will use, it is necessary to start by evaluating the target audience on the one hand as well as our advertising budget and the objectives we hope to achieve.

Some tips that our marketing staff recommend for the development of an advertising strategy:

  • The key to any advertising campaign is to optimize each monetary unit invested in each of the media used. Before you start investing, analyze your conversion funnel as well as the reach of your ads in each medium.
  • Take care of your designs by choosing the right CMYK colors for your prints and fonts for posters according to the message to be transmitted.
  • Choose suppliers of professional advertising elements; every day the advertising environment is more competitive and it is more difficult to capture the attention of our target audience.
  • Monitor the results that each type of advertising is offering on a daily basis so that you can maneuver and adjust your investment to continue optimizing your strategy.
  • Remember that in no case is advertising an expense, but a necessary investment. Today it is not only essential to be good at what we do, but also to be good at counting what we do.


As we have seen in this article, the possibilities to advertise our business are more and more competitive, and it is very important to take time to choose carefully where we place our investment to obtain the highest possible return and position our brand in the long term.

Undoubtedly, consumers have evolved towards detail, forcing companies to make an effort to develop trend-setting campaigns.

At Open Print, specialists in graphic printing, we have produced, since our inception, advertising campaigns for large brands in printed formats, both large format printing and on paper. For us, it is very important to be a trusted brand to develop high-quality physical elements that help companies stand out in their market.

Thank you for reading our content, we await your comments.

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